FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions – Earth Pals

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Canvas Bags Questions

Exactly how big are the bags?
They are 13" W 6" L 13" H. Super spacious!
How big is the inside pocket?
Approx. 7" x 8".
How much weight can the bags support?
Up to 40 lbs!
How should I wash these bags to keep 'em in tip top shape?
Hand wash with mild detergent.

What type of material are these bags made out of?
They are made out of thick 270 GMS/12 oz cotton.

Shipping, Handling & Delivery

Do you ship with environmentally-friendly packaging?
We sure do! Each package goes out in a cardboard box and is packed with paper and sealed with kraft paper tape. All of our packages are shipped with NO PLASTIC

Wow awesome! Do you ship internationally too?
Not at the moment! We are looking at possibly doing this in the future.