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Our Story

Earth Pals Canvas Reusable Bags both branded and illustrated laid flat and photographed with vegetables and fruit

The Earth Pals Story


Hey there internet pal!

Stephanie here, the founder of Earth Pals! You're probably here because you're wondering how these adorbz and awesome bags were born. Well, like many products, they were born out of frustration.

I've been living the minimal waste lifestyle for a few years now, so naturally I've accumulated a number of reusable bags. Sadly, I realized that I wasn't actually fully satisfied with any of them. They were too flimsy or too large, and I didn't care for the designs either. As a gal who wanted sturdy AND cute grocery bags, I was bummed to find out that a Google search resulted in pretty much nothing. Womp womp.

Solution – cute reusable bags!

So I decided to come up with a solution: a cute, spacious, sturdy, and functional grocery bag! Fill it to the brim with groceries and it'll STILL feel sturdy! No more supporting the bag from the bottom with your other hand! Plus, there's an inside pocket! Yep, you read that right. Throw your smaller groceries in there, or use the bag as a casual tote and toss your phone, wallet, and keys inside!

I'm a gal who loves cute and practical things, so I created the cute and practical bag. But hey, enough talk. Go find out about these bags for yourself! Mother Earth will thank you (and so will I)! 🌍

Little things about me

Other things I enjoy besides fab grocery bags: cooking, swing dancing, indoor rock climbing, and taking a million photos of my cat doing absolutely nothing.


Earth Pals Illustration, Orange-Themed, Zoomed-in with Illustrated Pumpkin, Earth Pals Branding, 3 Carrots (1 Purple)

Our Illustrator: Lorrie-May!

Aren't the designs on the bags so darn cute?? You can thank our local illustrator, dandy-designer & web-wizard Lorrie-May! ✨ Yes, two names! Not only is she amazing to work with, but she helped bring my ideas for the bag illustrations to life in the best possible way! From illustrating the crying onion to a happy-smiley eggplant, it's figgin' awesome!

Oh, and our logo? Yeah, that's her work too. She's just that cool. Check out more of her work on her social media handles with two alias: @hellolorriemay & @phruitbasket!

2 Earth Pals Reusable Canvas Grocery Bags with Carrot, Cut Onion

Back to shopping, pal?

Thanks for getting to know us. Let's save the planet together.